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Fimark Home Online was concieved from an earlier project, Legendary Heritage Heirlooms. Invisioned by Mark Askew, web/software developer, artist, writer and public speaker and his wife Brenda, corporate level presentations developer and avid event planner.

The demand for LHH products and services led to creating scores of commissioned pieces of art including family portraits as well as framed art prints as gifts for special family events. After completing five series of fine art for the Legendary Heritage Heirlooms catalog Mark and Brenda decided to use the art to design banners, flyers, greeting cards and invitations along with a helpful event planning package.

Fimark's art, event planning services, software and products promote strong family values and a quality of life that focuses on personal and family emotional and spiritual well-being. Fimark products and services are designed to assist users with projects that bring families together to enjoy special events common in family life. The process of event planning, inspirational poetry and craft projects aid in esteeming our most precious and basic institution, the family.

The art and literary work displayed on this site uphold traditional family values that promote genuine unity, loyalty and mutual respect among family members and in the community.

Fimark is the parent company of Fimark Home Online. Fimark, makers of the award winning Family Reunion Planner, Wedding Planner, Genealogy Tool Kit, Winning Business Plans, WebBiz and Party Planner, has a proven track record of expert marketing, graphical templates and event planning software development.

Fimark is an affiliate partner with,, Custom Ink, Shindigs and Oriental Trading.

Your support is appreciated. Enjoy family and enjoy your visit.

Mark Askew,
Legendary Heritage Heirlooms
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