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Best Gifts For Children a.k.a Kids

Looking for the right gift for a pre-teen or child ages 7-13? It's understandable if you feel totally confused as to what kids like these days. The truth is kids in this age bracket have varied tasts, likes and dislikes. To think one seven year old would like the same thing another of the same age would like could be a disaster in the making. That said lets consider a few factors the will determine the ideal gift for pre-teen or younger recipient. 

The best start is looking at stuff the child already has and still likes to play with. Your goal is to look for a more upscale model of the same make and brand. An alternative is to buy accessories for the item the child holds near and dear to their heart. It's important to know the fact and don't assume. Has the item entered the realm of sentimental attachment and will likely be used for another year or two. Excercise care as some items are only occasionally entertained to offset bordedom and because they are there. You want to focus on stuff they actually are into. 

Here is a list of questions you can ask to determine the right gift for that particular child:

What toy or gadget do they love to take along when going on trips? 
What do they talk about getting when with others thier age? 
What books do they like reading? 
What is the childs favorite movie? Is there a character in the movie that excites him or her? 
What magazines does he/she subscribe to? These may point you in the right direction. 

Now some of the basics. Most kids love toys. The kind of toy depends largely on preference so don't get anything. Also remember that todays kid is very brand conscious. Many pre-teens know a good quality toy or gadget over a cheap knockoff. 

Best Gifts for Children Questionnaire 

Is he/she your child? Yes / No
If you answered "yes" the value of the gift is not an issue. If you answered "no" consider a gift the parents of the child would consider modest. 

Is he/she ages 7-10? Yes / No
9 to 10 year old girls are style and brand conscious. They are familiar with a variety of todays fashions on the market. 

Is he/she 12-13 year old? Yes / No
These kids understand technology and everything digital. They use hand held computers, laptops, cams, cameras, cell phones, ipods, mp3 players and GPS devises. They like gadgets and accessories that relate to reading, photography, music and movies. Consider what merchandise they enjoy talking about among their circle of friends. 

Describe his/ her interests. 

Is he/she playful or reserved? ___________

Is he/she into digital technology, Hi Def, etc.? ___________

What is his/her favorite sport?______________ 

Is he/she crafty? _____________

Does he/she like cookware? What Kind? _____________ _____________ _____________

Does he/she like bed and bath products? ____________________

What does he/she like to read? __________________ ______________ _________________________

Is he/she a hands on type person. _________________ 

Is he/she an outdoors person? ______________________

Does he/she like to grow things? _______________________

Does he/she spend a lot of time watching TV or playing DVD's? _________________________________

Does he/she like to talk on the phone? ___________________________________________

Is he/she a baker of sorts? If so what are his/her favorite recipes?________________ ____________________

Does he/she like cars, trucks, motorcycles, bikes or other vehicles? ________________________________

Is he/she a hobby enthusiast, a craftsperson ?___________ 

What is he/her favorite color? ______________

What colors does he/she wear? _____________

What brand of merchandise does he/she prefer and why? _________________________________

Is it a question of affordability or quality?__________

Once you're able to answer these questions you're ready to pick out a gift that only he/she can appreciate.  

Another idea. Have him or her setup an online gift wishlist.

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