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        General Collectors Planner

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Office Party Planner

Fimark's Office Party Planner 
Award winning in depth party planning tools, tips  and guides with step by step event planning instructions.

Planning An Office Party

Whether you're celebrating the acquisition of a new account, the reaching of a benchmark or paying recognition a special cause or event it's important to take the time to discuss with co-workers how to best approach this special day. If your group is small enough, gather everyone around the conference table and discuss it. Otherwise, distribute a survey. 

Encourage everyone to be open and candid regarding how they wish to pay tribute to the occasion. Discuss how they feel about suggested ways to address the meaning behind the celebration. Other matters include:
Day and Time of Day _________________________

An evening or weekend bash that singles might love could be a real problem for single parents or working couples. 

Funding the food, decorations and festivities is a sensitive subject. If the funds are coming out of a well stocked fund potty this does not have to become an issue. Simply stay within the amount allotted. However, if there is a need to request a standard amount of dues from each employee it would be best to hear from those with a smaller income to determine what would be reasonable. Consider the varying income levels within the company. 

Send out Your survey would include the following:
Day and time (provide options)
Suggested Funding amount per person (provide options and menus)
Employees only or family members, children included
Spouses or significant other only included
Catered Lunch or after work party?

The party planner guides you through the planning stages of scores of parties commonly thrown throughout the year. 

Making The Shopping List
Outside Activities for Teens 
Ideas For Kids 8 and Under
Food Preparation Tips
Order Cakes and Other Bakes

Complete Office Party Planner  
Software and Microsoft Word Organizing Templates 

Comes with planners for 50 parties as listed on the side bar of this page.

Party Planner Software
System Requirements: 
Windows 95 or higher, XP,  ME, 2000, CE, Windows for Mobile Devices, NT. 

Microsoft Windows WordPad or Microsoft Word for viewing and editing.

File size: 611Klbs
Requires: 1MG of free disc space for editing. 

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Download Cocktail Party Planner here

With timeline planner tips and techniques to make your party a success. You won't miss a thing. 

Each planner has printable templates including checklists time line planner, colorful invitations and flyers, shopping lists, budget checklist calculator tool and much more.

Get food prep tutoring, etiquette guidance and hosting solutions, catering tips, a dinner preparation guide.

Fine dining guide includes table setting instructions, drinks and wine selection and

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